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A blog is an essentail tool for implementing successful content marketing campaigns. It provides an easy way to update content on a regular basis, engage with a target audience, and become an go-to for industry knowledge. Five Technology has implemented both WordPress and custom blog platforms into our websites. Blogs are not a mandatory inclusion in every website, but are highly suggested for content marketing and SEO. Let's start blogging!

Why do you need a blog and how can you use it?

At first, a lot of business owners are weary of implementing a blog because they feel that they don't have anything to write about, or it takes too much time to maintain. These are valid concerns, but the benefits that blogging provides should outweigh these worries.

Blogs are an essential tool for successful content marketing and are a great asset for search engine optimization (SEO). They provide an easy way to produce fresh and relevant content. Blogs also give you means to connect with customers and prospective customers on a regular basis.

Blogging can be a daunting a task, but really it isn't that difficult. Easier said than done, right? Actually blogging is fairly simple. There aren't any rules, just produce fresh and relevant content on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly). You can write about anything:  industry news, company news, recent projects, company events, heck even talk about your recent company barbeque. You don't need to write a book, a simple 300-500 word post will suffice.

Start blogging now! Once you get into it, it's even kind of fun...trust us!

How Our Clients Are Using Blogs

Still don't think you have use for a blog? Do you need inspiration or ideas on how to use your blog? Checkout how some of our clients have been using a blog to benefit their website.

St. Michael-Albertville School District.  STMA schools have been using their blogs to keep parents and students up to date on upcoming events like Homecoming, Prom, and ACT testing.

Delano Catholic Community.  A local church in Delano has been using its blog to post online bulletins, which save them time, paper, and money. Church members can access weekly news and more straight from the church's website.

Pfister Land Company, LLC.  Pfister Land Co., a ranch real estate firm out of Wyoming, has been using its blog to keep its customers and prospective buyers up to date on company news, the real estate and ranching industry, as well as featuring specific properties.

Blogs don't have to be long, intellecutal posts. Keep it simple and relevant. Your readers will appreciate your input on relevant topics. If you need help generating ideas or topics, we can help!

Portfolio Projects

What Our Customers Are Saying...

My goal is to double revenue from the site in the next 2 years. Now that Five Technology has built me this powerful portal management web application, I am able to streamline the process of publishing content.

Paul Taylor III, SurvivingMold.com

The staff at Five Technology has been wonderful to work with. They are receptive to the needs of the school district and willing to work within our budget. They have gone above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied with the product they are delivering.

Traci Lawman, Delano Public Schools

Wow, the transition to the new system was seamless. Kudos to everyone that worked this out. Thank you very much!

Vicki Adney, Reck Agri

We have had many comments from our community on the ease of use of navigation and they really have enjoyed the new look and layout. Our staff certainly has benefited as we have used the website more and more as a communication device to our school patrons. I look forward to taking full advantage of the student section for our classes, hopefully next year.

Paul Ludwig, Delano Public Schools