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Website Design Process

Website design is more than pulling together a beautiful concept based on a vision or brand. It's about look, it's about feel, it's about flow, and it's about not having to seek out your next move as a user. Yes, great web designs can influence seemingly functional elements of the user experience and help convert lookers into buyers. Conversions are the primary goal, so go beyond the visual for the best results:

Design & Requirements Consultation.  It is our job to design a website that you love. We need to know what you like, what you don't like, and what has recently caught your eye. We need to know what business processes you'd like to achieve now, and what you would like to strive for later. What are your products and services and who is your target audience? All this information is communicated to us during this consultation so that we have some direction.

Site Map / Flow.  An overlooked aspect of good web design is navigation, or how a user experience flows. We will map out the important pages, all while ensuring users can easily find what they are looking for in a certain number of clicks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO starts with a great design. A successful website design is able to communicate to both the human user and the search engine spiders, so finding a balance between the two is critical.

Page Layout / Wireframes.  A wireframe is the first step in putting all the pieces to the puzzle together. In this process we layout what content is needed and where it will reside on a page, always making sure we do not stray too far from the path outlined above. You can think of the wireframe as the house without furniture, or the coloring book without crayons.

Graphic Design / Mocks.  After all of that it's finally time to bring in the creative team who will work their magic and pull it all together. The wireframes provide great direction, but the graphic designer brings them to life.

Review and Revise.  Each step along the way there is a review and revise process conducted. Nobody on the planet knows more about your business or organization than you, so we must do our best to take what you give us and translate that into a great design. Sometimes we are right on, sometimes we need to do a few rounds of revisions. Regardless, we need YOU to get this right.

Sign Off.  Upon seeing your eyes light up, a smile on your face, and the expression of "It's just what I wanted", it's time to sign off on the design and send this project into development.


"Design is a funny word.  Some people think design means how it looks.  But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works." - Steve Jobs