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WordPress is best for Blog

WordPress's blogging platform is hands-down the most popular blogging management system on the web.  It is a great tool for publishing news updates and blog posts, it can be easily integrated into websites, and it is extremely user friendly.

It is a great content management system for blogging that can be equipped with powerful SEO tools for Internet marketing. Keyword optimized blogs integrated into your site are great for telling search engines you have been generating fresh and unique content.

We don't hesitate to integrate WordPress blogs into our clients' websites. It is a great marketing tool and is easy to use.

WordPress for Blog

WordPress for CMS

WordPress also serves as a content management system (CMS) for websites. It is a very popular one in fact but not without imitations.

Themes are changing the landscape of WordPress websites. Web designs that traditionally cost $10k to $20k are now being sold for less than $100 and can come fully functionality for WordPress. Assuming the theme has everything you need, you can be up and running with very little investment.

WordPress is of course an open source CMS and has a tremendous community. The advantage of the open source community would be the updates to the CMS, but there is also a healthy library of plugins to choose from. Some might also consider the high number of developers out there as an advantage, but I'm not sure where the true benefit is realized there.

Web hosting for WordPress sites is abundant. There are very few hosting providers that do not offer WordPress hosting, and as a result you will find the cost of hosting and support to be very affordable everywhere you look. Some vendors will offer more support and you'll pay a little more, but depending on your skills it might be worth it.

WordPress is a good CMS for basic marketing sites and/or content publishing (blogs). While WordPress has come a long way in the past couple years on custom development front, I would still recommend more powerful CMS platforms at this point.

All in all, WordPress as a CMS is a great platform for low budget, easy to set-up, template websites. If you feel this might be a good fit for your needs, let's talk more.