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Drupal CMS Development

Drupal is the open source content management system (CMS) that probably has the largest community behind it and thus is the most powerful. If we hadn't built the Site Management Console (SMC), Drupal is the platform that we would likely go to for most of our projects.

But we did build the SMC and we continue to use the SMC over Drupal, so you might ask why would we dedicate a page to Drupal development on our site? Just because our development team isn't as proficient on Drupal as they are on the SMC doesn't mean we cannot work with you or the platform. We have Drupal clients and we are able to service them just as we do any other CMS.

Some food for thought if you are contemplating a Drupal website:

  • Drupal has a great community of developers which translates to stability.
  • Open source CMS is just that, Open. Open also means hackers know where vulnerabilities exist. With that said, Drupal has a pretty good record when it comes to security.
  • The plugin library is massive, but don't assume the plugins you need or use will be supported forever.
  • Version upgrades for Drupal sites will be needed and are not always seamless. I.e. not all your plugins always work with the new version
  • If you are not confident the relationship with your website company will last, Drupal has thousands of developers out there. While there is still a learning curve you might be able to find one that will support your code.

As mentioned in Does CMS Still Matter, it is important to build your custom website on a CMS but which one you choose shouldn't be "deal breaker" material. If you already have a Drupal website, love the platform, and are looking for a redesign, then it's understandable to want to stay with something familiar. If you're not binded to Drupal then don't hesitate to try something new either.