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Non-Profit Website Design

Non-profit websites are a critical resource for volunteers and members to engage with the organization. However, these organizations are typically tight on resources, especially on the web. Relying on volunteers is great, but for building a website that will drive your organization's success, it may be best to put it in the hands of a professional. Five Technology understands the online needs of a non profit organization, including elements like member portals, eCommerce donations, a calendar of events, etc. The right collaboration of great design, powerful development, and strategic marketing will boost your organization's online presence. 


Non-Profit Website Design

Non Profit Website Design Options

Custom website design. A custom website design will give the site that extra "umph" that it needs to standout among other non profit websites. You are in control of what exactly you want to communicate to your audience, and a custom website design allows for the most flexibility in doing so. Custom includes professional layout and graphic design through wireframes and Photoshop. If your budget allows for it, a custom design is ideal. However, often times it may not be, and in this case, a theme website design would be a more cost effective solution, while still creating a professional look and feel.

Theme website design. We understand that non profit organizations may not always have the budget to implement a custom website design. However, it is definitely still possible to collaborate and go with a theme website design. This means that we will pull in a template website design, or one that is pre-designed. It is possible to still achieve much of the branding necessities that you would like your audience to see on your website. However, themes may limit you in some instances. Branding your organization is always important, so we will be able to pull in a designer to make the theme unique by adding your logo, creative images, and adjust the color scheme to match your organization.

Responsive web design. People and volunteers are searching for your organization online, and often times they are not just searching with a computer. Today, many people are now using various devices such as a smartphone or tablet to search the Internet. Your website should be optimized for these various devices to that people are able to access your organization's website anywhere and anytime. A responsive web design will accomplish this. This type of design has the ability to adapt to any device's screen size, which eliminates the hassle of constantly zooming in or scrolling side to side to access information on your site. Both a custom and theme website deisgn can be made responsive. 


Website Development for Non Profit Websites

The website of your non profit organization is at the center of your Internet marketing strategy. Therefore, it deserves maximum effort to create a great, user-friendly website that works for all the goals on the non profit. Here are some useful features that we feel are important, and that most non profit websites should have. However, keep in mind that each solution will need to be adjusted and tailored to each organization's certain needs. 

eCommerce and Online Donation Acceptance. Donations are the lifeblood of any non profit organization. Make sure your website has the ability to accept online donations. In order to make donations, you must implement a system for people to be able to make online transactions. An eCommerce solution is used to make this possible. This allows for easy access for people to be able to make donations via credit card on the website. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to implement this type of solution into your website. 

Blog. Keeping your volunteers up to date on the latest news in the organization is very important. Volunteers and other people visiting your website are there for a reason: for the latest information regarding your organization. A blog can accomplish this news curating in an easy-to-use platform. Blogs are also very useful in your organization’s content marketing by creating better brand awareness. Blogs are an effective way of getting your organization’s name out to the public and help from an SEO perspective as well. 

Events Calendar. The event calendar helps the visitors stay up to date on any upcoming events that your non-profit may be organizing, or may be associated with. It is a good way to promote your events. At the same time, it gives advance information to the interested people who may like to attend or associate themselves with such events or fundraisers. You can even setup a system where users can register, pay, and volunteer for specific events.

Member Portal/User Registration. User registration is an excellent feature for your non-profit website. It enables your loyal members to establish a long-term connection with your website. This functionality gives your members a more privileged access to your website, and you share more information with them. Members would be able to access important documents, pay membership dues, and view any other “member only” information. Members can also review their membership status and edit their contact information. Your non-profit website may also provide application forms for future members. Members are a driving component in the success of your organization, provide them with a tool that will keep them around for years to come.

Non-Profit Website Content Management (CMS)

Our content management system, the Site Management Console (SMC) is the right solution for your non-profit website if you want your admins to be able to access and have control over the website.

Your admins can easily be trained to manage and edit your website through this content management system. No programming experience is needed to edit or make content changes. Five’s plug-ins make adding content, images, video, and more very easy.

The SMC system adds dynamic, interactive and advanced functionality to your non-profit website. Here are some of the SMC functions our clients are able to control through their non-profit website include: 

  • Basic content and image management
  • Contact forms
  • Document management and downloads
  • Events calendar and schedule
  • Image galleries and slideshows
  • Account management with usernames and passwords
  • Advanced search features and filters 

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