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Small Business Website Design

The fact is that everyone is now searching the Internet for everything they need. Not having a website for your small business risks losing sales to your web-savvy competitors who are online. No matter what size your business, your company needs a professional website to gain credibility, keep customers informed, and target a much wider audience. Having a website also saves you more time and money than you may think unlike traditional marketing practices.

Small Business Website Design

Small Business Website Design Options

Custom website design. A custom website design is tailored to fit your company’s unique needs and gives you the flexibility for future expansion. A custom design manifests high quality and uniqueness while also suiting the personality and branding of your business. With professional designers and developers, we make your website come to life with an edge that will stand out against competitors. While a custom design is ideal for small businesses, it may not always fit within your budget. In this case, a theme website design may be better suited for your current needs.

Theme website design. With a theme website design, we will choose from a pre-designed or template design, by passing the custom graphic design phase. With a theme, you are still able to accomplish many of the requirements you believe are necessary for your website. Although a theme may hold you back in layout and custom graphic elements, it’s important to find one that fits the best with your company and its content needs. Branding your small business is vital through your website. We can make your website unique by adding your logo, creative images, and adjusting the color scheme to coordinate with your brand.

Responsive web design. A responsive web design will assure that your website will be easily accessible by smoothly adapting to multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and devices. Be it a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, our developers will create a website that it optimized for each platform in navigation, readability, and load time. No more hassle trying to scroll up and down or zoom in and out to be able to read your content on a particular device. Both custom and theme websites can be made responsive. Responsive is no longer optional, your website needs to be available on the mobile web.

Website Development for Small Businesses

There are an infinite amount of features that your website could include. If you can dream it, our team of developers can build it. However, there are a few features, or tools that are fairly typical in small business websites. Let’s explore some of the basics.

Blog. Maintaining a blog for your company’s website is a great way to stay engaged with your visitors and potential customers. A blog allows you to share the latest updates with your products/services or share information about the latest news in your industry. A business blog is your number one asset for successful content marketing. Blogging is also conversational; customers and visitors are able to comment on your posts with comments or questions. Blogs are an effective way of getting your organization’s name out to the public and help from an SEO perspective as well.

Custom eCommerce. If your company needs to sell products/services, a custom eCommerce solution will accomplish just that. With eCommerce, you’re able to manage inventory and sell products through your site via secured online credit card transactions. Having an eCommerce payment system gives your customers the control to purchase your offerings when and wherever they want.

Social Media Integration. Social media sites are essential for engaging with your customers, clients, and leads. We can integrate social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube into your website to show that your company’s recent activity on social media. 

Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing your brand and its offerings online is more important today than ever. Internet marketing will help you reach a greater audience than you could even imagine. Your online presence is vital to the success of your business. A great website is a must, but it will only get you so far. Online marketing and SEO will take it to the next level by increasing reach, conversions, and ROI. Having exposure to a worldwide audience allows your business to be seen and heard from anywhere and anyone. Your website is one of your company’s best tools to market your brand. Here are just some of the ways Five Technology can help businesses with Internet marketing.

Basic Internet Marketing Packages
Five Technology offers a variety of basic Internet marketing packages that will help get your business’s online marketing strategy off the ground and running. These start with the bare necessities, the items that you need to tackle in order to give yourself a fighting chance to get found online by your customers. Some of these items include:

  • Online directories (Google+ Local, Bing Local for Business, Yelp, etc.)
  • Social media optimization
  • Google Analytics setup and sitemap submissions.
  • Online reviews, blog topics, landing page creation, and more.

Once we have accomplished the bare bones, we can dive into the deep end and explore some more advanced items.

Advanced Internet Marketing Campaigns
Once we have covered the basics, we will want to delve into some more advanced search engine marketing (SEM) tactics. The list of items to tackle here is endless, but we try to break it down into some main categories of tactics that all play a vital role in your overall Internet marketing campaign. Some of the items we cover in these advanced strategies include:

  • Website audit (heat mapping, crawl diagnostics, ranking reports, etc.)
  • Keyword research. What are your customers search for online?
  • Content strategy and implementation
  • On-page search optimization
  • Social media marketing strategy and implementation
  • Email marketing
  • PPC - Pay Per Click advertising

These campaigns include an upfront audit and strategy setup, then we dive into the long checklist of tasks, using your monthly budget to chip away at as much as possible every month.