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Ranch Real Estate Website Design

Ranch buyers are always doing their research online first. Your listings need to be online, because that's how people find out about them. Whether you're selling to people locally or reaching people nation wide, your website is the biggest marketing tool.

Getting your listings online is a great first step, but what else can your website do to improve your results on the web?

Ranch Real Estate

Website Design Options for Ranch Real Estate Firms

There are a couple of options for website design for real estate companies, custom webiste design or theme website design. The one you choose depends on your current situation. There are benefits to both options, so let's try to determine which one will benefit you the most.

Custom Website Design.  A huge component of the ranch real estate industry is branding your firm to establish it as a unique, but reputable business with amazing properties for sale. In order to accomplish this, your website may require a lot of custom graphic design elements. Pulling in a graphic designer will help set the look and feel of the website apart from your competitors. A custom website design does tend to cost more than a non-custom site due to the extra graphic design work associated with it. However, the results speak for themself in having success with establishing brokerages as reputable and unique.

Theme Website Design.  In some cases, a custom design may not initally be in your budget. Not to worry though, we can still accomplish a lot of branding goals with a theme design by tweaking the color scheme and logo. We will lose some of the unique graphic design elements, but still turnout a beauitful website that establishes your brokerage as a reputable firm with amazing properties.

You don't need one to get ahead of the competition, you need one to keep up with the competition. A professional website design will brand your brokerage and give your listings credibility they need to attract buyers. However, a great design is just the first step to online success.

Responsive Web Design

Your buyers are searching for properties online, and more often than not they are not doing so with desktop/laptop computer. Mobile Internet usage is soaring, so you better believe that potential buyers are searching for ranches for sale with their tablets and smartphones.

Responsive web design optimizes your website for mobile use. Whether your prospective buyers are researching your properties on a laptop or a smartphone, they are going to have a great user experience.

Responsive web design adapts each web page to fit the size of the screen that's accessing it by re-arranging the content on that page. This means your website essentially has 3 separate designs (desktop, tablet, and smartphone) but each view point contains all of the same content.

Custom Website Development

Custom website development is the backbone to your online success. It takes a professional website design and creates a robust tool used to effectively run your site and promote your listings. You need to be able to easily update your listings through your website first as a home base for all listings. We can then help you define the process of pushing those listings to various third party website portals to further promote your listings.

Internet Marketing

Once you have a great website design and have developed it into a powerful promotional tool, you need to implement Internet marketing into your online strategy. If people are searching for properties in your areas, you need to pop up in the search engine results. This requires a wide variety of tactics, but starts with a well built website design and quality content.

Features and Tools

  • Detailed Listings & Enhanced Listing Management: Listing management is a given for real estate websites. We give you a tool to better promote your listings with enhanced details.
  • Custom Google Mapping: Google Maps is a great web tool for promoting listings. We can integrate it into your website and customize it to promote your brand.
  • Portal Website Design: Large portal websites are winning the battle for ranch real estate search terms. Compete with them and use these sites to your advantage.
  • Agent Profiles & Directories: Agents are a big asset to your business. Promote them effectively and stream line the process of gathering leads for their property listings.
  • Content marketing is the backbone of your Internet marketing efforts. A blog is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Post industry news, featured properties, and more.

Partnership for Success

Partner with Five Technology to get to work on all three of these main components of online success. We will work to learn about your business and its specific needs. Our creative team of designers will create a custom website design that represents your brand. Our experienced team of website developers will turn that design into a powerful tool to effectively promote your listings. Our team of SEO experts will optimize your website for search engines and a great user experience.

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