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Jun 13, 2014

5 Do’s for Dynamic Website Development

Experts in website design and development understand the importance of uniqueness, innovation and practical ideas for generating websites for clients. It’s no lie that marketing and advertising methods have taken an entirely new direction with the invention and progression of the Internet. One of the basic reasons behind this change is that not a large percentage of businesses have been shifted to online.

Christian Smith, editorial writer for provides several quick points one should consider when developing a website.

Quality Content

Content always gets the high priority in online business. It’s all about the call-to-action content that pushes the reader to proceed to the next level. While writing content for a business website, content writers take special care of the marketing strategies and call to action statements.


CMS Technology

It’s equally important to choose the right web development technology for businesses being marketed online via professional blogging services or social media marketing activities. Choose a provider and let them choose the CMS (Content Management System) they are most comfortable with. Since all content management systems accomplish the same thing, the biggest competitive advantage for a business is partnering with a company that knows how to use it. This will save time and money on custom development work.

Visual Hierarchy

The content is usually aided with appealing images, headers, banners, and other visuals. This is due to the fact that sometimes these visuals work better, quicker, and more effectively compared to simple content. Text based images, animations, videos and other such items guide the visitor step by step to follow the path and end up with a successful procedure. Other visual hierarchical factors include coloring scheme, gadgets, videos, etc.


If customers are going to be making transactions on your website, they want assurance that their information is secure and reliable. eCommerce websites allow for transactions to be made on your website. PayPal is an example of a eCommerce system used. PayPal is good system because it shows the transactions through the website and let you know that it is secure. However, PayPal does take a larger percentage per transaction, so make sure to analyze other options too ( is a great example.)

Conversion Points

Websites usually contain several potential conversion points such as a request for a quote, contact forms, wish lists, and feedback are used to facilitate the visitor and encourage them to proceed to making a sale. Development of a dynamic website for your company should include these aspects. These points are summarized in a way just to make you understand the core concepts of the professional website development. With changes in technology and marketing strategies, the online world has become much more competitive. One must advance along with the changes in order to receive a better competitive edge and higher ROI. If you’d like more assistance developing your website, let’s talk!

Read the full article by Christian Smith.

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