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Feb 12, 2014

5 Quick Tips About Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a must for businesses these days. It’s going to be your most effective marketing effort for generating new leads and creating more revenue. Billboards are out, online marketing is in.

It can be hard to get started, but we are here to help. Below are 5 quick tips to get started on some Internet marketing of for your business and when you have questions or want to get started, you know where to find us.

Set Goals for Internet Marketing


In today’s growing online market, building a site and hoping it works is not enough. When creating your website, the first thing you NEED to ask yourself is what exactly is the goal of the site? To generate leads? Sell products online? Provide a quality portfolio site to show off your recent work?

Whatever the goal is, there  is a way to design a website properly to engage users in a way you want them to interact on your page. Designing an informational portfolio site that just gives you a nice marketing presence is a far different design and layout than a site where you want to sell products online or generate leads.

The next step will be to set smaller goals for your Internet marketing strategy that will ultimately help accomplish the main goal of your website. How many leads per month do you need to accomplish your goal, or how many products should you be selling each week? What Internet marketing techniques will you use to achieve these goals?

Know Your Keywords

Often times we clients come to us asking us to review their web presence and provide us a list of keywords or phrases they’d like to rank for.  After reviewing the keywords and phrases and doing some research on the Google, it often turns out there are huge opportunities for other keywords they weren’t even aware of, while the ones they wish to rank for barely are searched or have severely high competition levels.


It’s important to know these niche keywords to get ahead of the competition. Targeting specific phrases or more specific keywords can assure that when people find you through search, they’re going to like what they find on your site.

Setup & Review Google Analytics

If you don’t have Google Analytics integrated into your site, you need to do this now. Google analytics is a free tracking service that Google offers and has the ability to really get to the guts of how your site is performing.

Even from a broad level it allows you to see how many people come to your site, what pages they generally go to, how long they stay on the site, and even how fast they land on the site and leave. Even just the broad analytics can really tell a lot about the effectiveness of your web presence.


Set Up Your Google Analytics Account:

If you need help setting this up or reviewing your performance, please reach out to us.

NOTE:  If you’re an existing client of ours, chances are pretty good that we have already integrated this into your site.

Monitor Your Competition

Start by doing a search on keywords you hope to rank for and see what competitors pop up.  You can usually get some great information and ideas from competitor’s sites that are ranking well. You should pay close attention to the competitors that pop up that you already knew were your direct competition.


You should model your content strategy and keyword implementation after these websites, but absolutely DO NOT copy any content from your competitors’ sites and put it on yours. Google will recognize this as plagiarized and duplicated content, which will severely hurt your search engine rankings.

Start Blogging About Your Busienss


Yeah, yeah we know blogging can be time consuming and difficult; but we also believe that it is a great tool for enhancing your organic SEO efforts.

Some of the benefits of having a blog include gaining visibility as a industry know-how, engaging or educating customers, and providing valuable search engine optimization (SEO) benefits just to name a few.

Ultimately, the biggest value of having a blog and using it regularly is that you are giving your brand a personality.

Doing these 5 things will help to get the ball rolling for your Internet marketing efforts. However, there is so much more to it than this. Keep an eye out for more tips and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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