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Aug 8, 2014

5 Tips to Segmenting Your Organic Traffic With Google Analytics

Janet Driscoll Miller, column writer for shares the best tips for understanding and segmenting your online organic traffic.

For starters, Miller says that people with websites often times don’t have Google Analytics set up correctly. Which in effect, leads to incorrect data, which can lead to incorrect assumptions about organic traffic, SEO strategy, and how organic visitors convert on a site.

Here are some of Miller’s suggestions on how to use Google Analytics properly in order to better understand the organic traffic that is coming to your site. With these suggestions, you can better your SEO strategy.

1. Consider Putting All Site Traffic For a Website Under One Google Analytics Property I.D.

Miller says that one of the most common mistakes with Google Analytics implementations is when sites use different property IDs across the same site to segment data in profiles.

This is mostly common with sites that are software-as-a-service sites or customer portal sites, where customers log on in to a separate area of the sire to access software or customer service information.

Unfortunately,  Miller says that by taking this approach, it can actually lead to incorrect data.

2. Set Up Goals

All to often, Miller states, we are to obsessed with SEO in rankings. However, what we truly want to know is: does our SEO traffic convert? And can we increase converting traffic? Goals allow us to begin to measure that.

Set up goals that you believe are attainable to help you stay on track with where you want your website to be.

3. Activate eCommerce

If you sell products on your website, Miller says you should defiinitely good the eCommerce module in Google Analytics to get even more accurate data. You’re able to view actual sales data alongside your typical Google Analytics data.

4. Enable Bot Filtering

This is a fairly new addition to Google Analytics that allows site owner to filter out known bot and spider traffic from the analytics results. Miller says that while at first you may seem nervous about filtering out this data and what repercussions¬†it may have on your total organic traffic stats, it’s important to isolate the behaviors of the organic traffic that truly has the potential to convert and become customers.

5. Check Your Mobile Traffic

Mobile may be all the rage these days, but Miller says that many companies still don’t put enough effort or though into mobile. Perhaps you assume that your site won’t get much traffic from mobile. Why would a B2B company care very much about mobile? The reality is that many sites are seeing much more mobile traffic than they realize — mobile is often an overlooked audience.

Check your mobile site traffic. What percentage of your visitors are from mobile devices? How do mobile site visitors convert into goals and sales? Miller suggests you may need to re-prioritize mobile SEO if you haven’t already done so.

At Five Technology, we can help your company with its SEO needs in order to be seen and heard through search engines. Let’s talk to get started!

Read the full article by Janet Driscoll Miller.

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