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Oct 6, 2023

5 Ways to Optimize Your SEO strategies using Google Analytics

Janet Driscoll Miller, a prominent columnist at, offers invaluable insights into comprehending and segmenting your online organic traffic effectively.

First and foremost, Miller underscores the critical importance of setting up Google Analytics correctly, as misconfigurations can lead to erroneous data, potentially skewing your assumptions about organic traffic, SEO strategies, and conversion metrics.

Here are Miller's recommendations to harness the full potential of Google Analytics and optimize your SEO strategy:

Centralize Site Traffic: A common mistake is using different property IDs across the same site to segment data. This practice, often seen in software-as-a-service or customer portal sites, can yield inaccurate data. Consider using a single Google Analytics Property I.D. for a comprehensive view.

Establish Goals: While SEO rankings matter, understanding if your SEO traffic converts is crucial. Set up achievable goals to track your website's performance and ensure you're on the right path.

Activate eCommerce: For businesses selling products online, activating the eCommerce module in Google Analytics is a must. It allows you to analyze actual sales data alongside your standard analytics, providing a more holistic view.

Enable Bot Filtering: Google Analytics now offers bot filtering, allowing you to exclude known bot and spider traffic. This helps isolate genuine organic traffic that holds conversion potential.

Assess Mobile Traffic: Don't underestimate mobile users. Evaluate your mobile site traffic to understand its significance. Analyze how mobile visitors convert into goals and sales. If necessary, prioritize mobile SEO to tap into this often-overlooked audience.

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To delve deeper into these insights, read Janet Driscoll Miller's full article.

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