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Apr 28, 2008

A Clean Website Redesign For Sparkling Clean

In landing a website redesign project for a window washing company we knew it had to be a clean web design, streak free content and a clear focus on local search results. Ryan Doliber, the owner of Sparkling Clean Window Washing has been in business for a few years and realized it was time to move up in the web world and decisively differ his brand appearance from the competition.

Sparkling Clean Website Before

website before redesign

When launching his business in 2005, Ryan utilized a do-it-yourself website building tool (Yahoo Sitebuilder) and put together the site himself. It was a web presence, better than nothing, that covered the basics but it lacked the branding, usability and search engine optimization Ryan truly wanted.

Sparkling Clean’s Website Redesign

Website redesign clean

As you can see from above and in visiting the website, we pushed things to a new level. Our website redesign was able to accomplish:

  • Moving the website to a new domain that contained the business name for better branding
  • A new interface design with a more inviting color scheme and stronger visual impact
  • Clear content sections for home window cleaning and business services
  • Best web practices, proper site structure and page structure
  • An easy to use free estimate form with date and time requests
  • Focused local search optimization through the use of geographical terms like Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minneapolis and lists of other main cities served.

Overall, we’re very pleased with the website redesign outcome and so is our client. Visit the new website and think about requesting a free estimate if you’re in the Minneapolis area.

If your thinking it’s time to clean up your website, contact us about a website redesign for your site today.

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