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Jun 23, 2014

Benefits of Responsive Web Design and Your Company’s Marketing

We’re all familiar about responsive web design. But as a marketer, we are typically only focused on specific tasks such as creating content, developing email campaigns and updating social media networks. However, if you or your clients do not have a responsive design in place, then all of the Internet marketing strategies you implement will not bring the full potential of results. Today, over 60% of Internet access is made on a mobile device, and 60% of social media time is spent of smartphones and tablets opposed to desktop browsers. Is your website responsive for all Internet devices?


Kristi Hines, column writer for provides certain points you need to make to your boss or clients when it comes to adding a responsive design into the marketing mix.

How Responsive Design Helps

Responsive web design allows users on any device — desktop, smartphone, or tablet — to have the same experience. Some businesses choose to go with a mobile-only or desktop-only experience. This is troubling because there’s a lack of consistency between the two. People who make a purchase on the desktop site will have a completely different purchasing experience on their mobile. Sometimes, a mobile website won’t even include every page that a visitor wants to see.

Responsive design will help support your online marketing efforts in these ways:

Content Marketing: Visitors are able to fully engage and read your content and are able to share various things such as your blog with social sharing buttons. Visitors will also be able to open and read your newsletter and emails from anywhere, anytime.

Search Marketing: When people click on a link to your website from search results, if you have a responsive web design, they will be able to get that page and consume the information they need.

Social Media Marketing: When people click on a promoted offer from your Facebook page from a mobile device, they’ll be able to purchase the item just like they would on their desktop browser.

This means you won’t lose any visitors coming to a website as a result of any of the above marketing strategies just because they’re on a mobile device.

How to Get Responsive

First off, you need a responsive web design. This creates a unified and consistent experience for your visitors from any Internet device. This consistent experience will also make it more likely that users who discover your business on their desktop can easily make conversions on their mobile device at a later time.

Obtaining a responsive web design for your website doesn’t require you to be a website designer. A professional website design company can definitely help enhance your website and make it responsive to any Internet device.

We hope this has convinced or at least informed you about the importance of having a responsive web design that is easily accessible  to all your visitors, no matter what device they use. This will make your website visitors happy, and it will also help you get more results from your Internet marketing.

If you’d like to enhance your company’s website and make it responsive, let’s talk! We’re here to help you with all your responsive web design needs.

Read the full article by Kristi Hines.

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