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May 4, 2011

Blogging for SEO: Drive traffic to your website with fresh content

Blogging is perfect for website owners who want to take an active role in raising their SEO profile. Its not just SEO, there are numerous benefits to blogging. If a website offers fresh and informative content that is updated often that is a site that is more likely to get bookmarked, shared on Facebook and Twitter, and maintain a higher level of returning visitors.

Lets take a look at some of the SEO benefits of blogging.

Fresh Content

People love fresh content. Google knows that the average searcher would prefer to read content written recently with the most up to date information. Sites updated often with fresh & relevant content are more likely to be indexed by Google sooner than a site that has had the same content since 2001.


Informative blog posts will often attract links. Lets say Johnny is an online marketer and has an online marketing website. Johnny writes a blog post titled “The top ten online marketing trends of 2011”. If Google sees that people are linking to Johnny’s blog post, Google will start to think Johnny knows a thing or two about online marketing trends in 2011. Not only that but since the blog post was about online marketing on Johnny’s online marketing website, the entire website gets a boost for its SEO because the blog post is relevant to the overall theme of online marketing. A blog post that receives links from outside sources raises the SEO trust and authority of the entire website as long as the blog post is relevant to the rest of the content on the website. With this knowledge you can start to see where having numerous blog posts that receive links will be beneficial to the entire website.

Taking the Leap

Many businesses understand the benefit to blogging but still fearful of starting a blog. Do not fear blogging! Blog about what you know, blog about the industry you are in. If you feel unsure about taking an authoritative expert tone then keep it conversational. Keep an eye out for a future blog post from Five with tips on how to optimize your blog effectively to maximize the SEO benefit.