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Jul 16, 2008

Building An Email List to Start Email Marketing

Start an email listI work with clients from time to time that are basically ashamed they have never taken the opportunity to acquire permission to market to their customers via email. It’s not a big deal, and it’s better to start today then to wait another week, month or year!

Lets take a look at three tips to remember if you are just starting to build an email list to leverage email marketing for your business or organization. You can also view a quick list of other list building basics.

Tip #1 – Quality Beats Quantity
It’s far better to start with even just 25 email recipients that are current customers, people in your target market or those that have sought out your new e-letter than a list of 2,500 random emails. You want to deliver relevant and useful information to your audience, that is what will motivate them to buy or contact you for new or repeat business.

Tip #2 – Ask For Permission In Person
I often ask a potential client when closing an introduction meeting or phone call for the first time if I can add them to our monthly e-letter. I tell them this is a great way to stay in the loop with our offering and learn more on web design and Internet marketing. Chances are you can easily do the same, you just have to ask!

Tip #3 – Create Some Fun
There are a ton of creative ways to start an email campaign. Prizes, contests, free marketing are all great ways to stir up some excitement. This sports art website is leveraging a contest to build their email list, sign up yourself! A little bit of brainstorming and planning can produce a great kick-off and list build.

If you didn’t catch my drift above, starting today instead of continuing to put it off is the biggest tip I can give you. With a little planning and strategy you can start your email list and marketing in no time. You can always holler at us for a demo of our easy to use email marketing tool as well.

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