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Mar 26, 2008

Business Networking Online & Offline To Increase Business Opportunities

Getting more business from more sources is something most of us are always trying to do. Business networking is a powerful avenue to grow your sphere, refer business to other fabulous professionals, gain contact with new potential clients and learn from other successful business people.

As a relatively new venture (we do have the benefit of being tied in with an existing company of 13 years), networking is a great way for Five Technology to get our name into new business circles. In today’s small business world there are many options for networking both online and offline (there are even combos/hybrids). Below I’ll outline what I’m doing to network my business and grow the Five Technology brand.

Online Business Networking

  • I’m business blogging … I’ve blogged for 3 years, have helped others set-up blogs for their business and I’ve made some great “blogging friendships” that have given me insight, knowledge and connections. There are lots of blogging network widgets to help.
  • Professional networking websites. I utilize LinkedIn and Facebook mostly. There are scores of others.
  • Participating and commenting in niche forums, industry websites and blogs.
    business networking websites

Offline Business Networking

  • I speak/present to other business groups on web design, SEO and other Internet marketing.
  • I attend local and national industry conferences like SES and High Rankings.
  • BNI. I’m part of a newly formed BNI group in Rogers. We have 22 members that meet weekly and growing as we launch our group. It’s a great mix of professionals from the area that are helping build each others business. Here are some photos from this week’s meeting.BNI minnesota meetingbni metowrking meeting rogers mn

Combo Business Networking: Online & Offline

  • The Biz Blogger Meetup Group started by Caroline Melberg, another local web and blog pro, started this group that already has 30 members with just it’s second meeting slated for April 7th (feel free to attend). offers networking and communication tools on the website to connect members and help organize the meeting/events. I just joined but there are already others in the group I have met before, helped launched their blogs and interacted with online. Meetup helps facilitate both online and offline networking, a great combo.

Do you have more to add to this or networking strategies that have helped your business? Please share!

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