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Jul 29, 2009

Cash For Clunker Websites

Five Technology has been inspired by the government attempt to improve our environment and stimulate the economy with the Cash For Clunkers program to get outdated, inefficient cars off the road.


We’ve noticed the same problem with clunker websites.  They are inefficient, hog bandwidth, slow the Internet, have designs that hurt your eyes and rattle a user’s mental health.  We want to put an end to it.

Trade In Your Clunker Website
We’re offering $500 to anyone wanting to trade in their clunker website for a brand new, efficient, scalable, CMS powered, search engine optimized Five Technology web design.

If your site resembles the clunker website below or falls short of your needs, we can help.


So do the right thing, improve the Internet, make your customers and prospects happier and trade in your clunker website.  We’ll give you $500 off of your web design proposal for being so smart.

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