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Jan 18, 2013

Custom E-Commerce Responsive Web Design

Incline Ski & Board shop, located in Aspen and Snowmass, Colorado, is a local ski and snowboard shop. It provides customers with an easy way to travel without all of their bulky ski and snowboard equipment by providing high quality rental gear at fair prices.

Incline Ski approached Five’s partner company Blue Tent Marketing for a brand new responsive web design that heightened its web presence, Internet transaction functionality, and web marketing strategy. This responsive website would include not only a desktop design, but also a tablet design and a mobile design. Customers would be able to easily access and navigate the website from any device.

Left: Mobile View. Right: Desktop View.

Five was able to provide a quality custom e-commerce web design with all of the features Incline Ski needed. Customers are now able to reserve and pay for their rental equipment from their computer, tablet, and mobile phone. Five built the website and integrated it into its easy to use custom content management system (CMS), the Site Management Console (SMC). The responsive design looks great on any device and eliminates potential customers’ need to inefficiently scroll and swipe through the website when on a tablet or smartphone.

Five Technology also:

  • Rebuilt its rental reservations plugin.
  • Added online payment functionality.
  • Implemented a Facebook picture gallery connection and display.
  • Rebuild of new plugin will allow for flexible creation of a  comprehensive  equipment reservation management solution in the future.

Incline Ski realized that it was missing a huge chunk of its market by not having an organized and easy to use tablet and mobile web design that correlated perfectly with its desktop design. By having a responsive web design it was able to manage content on one website, and still have it look clean and professional on any device. A lot of potential customers might be on the go, in the airport, or already be in town without their computer when researching the web for equipment rental businesses.

By having an easy way to navigate web design that worked on any device, including on-the-go tablets and smart phones, Incline Ski created a greater probability of having those on-the-go prospects turn into new customers. You can reach a greater market as well if you contact Five Technology today for your responsive web design needs.

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