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Apr 23, 2013

Custom eCommerce Web Design – All Natural

Ranchline has been an extensive client for Five Technology. We have done many web designs for various projects within the Ranchline company; including, RL Network, RL Auction, RL Hunting, and now … drumroll please … Ranchline All Natural. Straight from Felix River Ranch, New Mexico, Ranchline All Natural supplies end-user clientele with all natural meat. This organically grown meat distributor was in need of a custom eCommerce web design for customers to securely and conveniently make online purchases. As we’ve had success with Ranchline’s previous endeavors, naturally, it approached Five for this new eCommerce driven web project.

All Natural wanted a website that was easy to maneuver, simple and secure to purchase from, and really would draw potential customers into the website and its products to drive online revenue. So, naturally, we developed and designed a professional eCommerce website that was organized and very user friendly. All of our eCommerce web designs are secured through third party sources that provide top notch credit card processing security; such as, or PayPal. We then threw in some mouthwatering professional photography to get the customers hungry and ready to buy. All of this, combined with some custom programming magic by our web wizards created a beautiful, professional eCommerce driven web design.

One of many mouthwatering photos on All Natural’s custom eCommerce site.

There’s much more to this powerful eCommerce website than some fancy photos and easy-to-use “add to cart” checkouts. It contains a recipes and news page, which is managed through a WordPress blog that has been integrated into the website. This will serve as a great way for All Natural to interact with its customers. The photos throughout the recipes page greatly enhance the mouthwatering factor. The website also contains a facts page, The Facts, that explains the difference between all natural meat and the hormone injected, antibiotic fed not-so-natural meat.

When buying online, consumers have always found it difficult to determine the quality of the product they are about to purchase. A high quality professional web design helps to reassure customers that they are making the right decision, but customer reviews also go a long ways. So, All Natural contains a customer review page where they can post the raving reviews they receive from their satisfied customers. These reviews also appear on the sidebar throughout the site to give consumers that extra reassurance they need to make the purchase while browsing the website.

Ranchline All Natural is still in the early stages of growing its business, so we built its new eCommerce web design to scale so that down the road it can easily pursue endless endeavors. As of its launch, All Natural was focusing on two main products to satisfy their customers organically driven appetites:  all natural beef and all natural lamb. However, when its eCommerce website inevitably adds more business than it can handle, All Natural might pursue a wider variety of organic products. For instance, all natural salmon or all natural pork.

Also as of its launch, All Natural was focused mainly on providing its organic products to end-user clientele, or just the typical Joe Schmo that wanted to grill up some delicious all natural meat. However, down the road it may want to pursue distributing its meat to restaurants wishing to serve more organic meals. For instance, Chipotle Mexican Grill has prided itself on serving only all natural, organic meat. As organic trends continue to increase within the average consumer, more and more restaurants are going to begin serving higher quality, more natural product. If All Natural goes this route, it will be very beneficial that they already have a professional web design, which will gain the credibility needed to distribute its product in the food service industry.

This custom eCommerce web design was built to scale on our custom content management system (CMS), the Site Management Console. Through this CMS, All Natural can easily add and edit pages within its website, manage its variety of professional, mouthwatering photos, and conveniently add and edit products (description, photo, pricing). It can even grow its business further by adding entirely new product lines.

Overall, the Ranchline All Natural eCommerce website was a great project to work on. It will serve as a great addition to the Ranchline network and the Five Technology portfolio. Here at Five, we cannot wait to order some all natural meat and grill it up this summer.

If you are interested in expanding your online clientele by creating a custom eCommerce web design contact Five Technology today!