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Aug 25, 2011

Custom Web App: Digital Forms and Signature Capture for Ipad or Tablet

After launching their website last year, Excel Mechanical contracted Five Technology to streamline their approach to filling out invoicing & billing forms.


Before the project began, like most companies that do onsite work for their clients, Excel Mechanical had to haul papers with them wherever they went. Not only that but they had several steps to complete the form and send it to the customer or client. The process went something like this: 1) Fill out a paper form 2) Enter data into computer 3) Generate PDF 4) Email to client or customer. You can imagine how much time piles up weekly, monthly, and yearly to complete this process everyday.


We streamlined their approach by taking their paper forms and creating digital forms fit for their Ipad or tablet. Not only did we digitize their forms but we also created a signature capture field that can capture signatures using a stylus. This allows Excel Mechanical’s team to fill out a form, capture a signature, and then the form automatically generates a PDF version which it sends to the client’s email. Not only that but we built an administration interface utilizing the Site Management Console to view a history of each and every form submitted.

Web Apps are the Future

In the time it took to write this blog post, Five has already completed its second project with this custom web app for another client. We have always had a strong foundation of web design and internet marketing but we also believe the future is to discover new ways to leverage web apps to make time consuming tasks simple.

If you have an idea for a web app, give us a call at 763-972-5933 or visit our contact page.

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