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Mar 27, 2008

Email Marketing Tips To Get You Started Today

Email marketing tipsHere are some valuable email marketing tips and links to other great blog posts on email marketing for those of you still wondering if you should do it. The biggest tip of all … do it. The features, benefits and low cost of email marketing make it one of the most valuable marketing strategies for many companies. The tips below are aimed at pushing you off the fence and getting you started today.

Email Marketing Tip #1
Understand how important it is. The consumer is giving you permission to market to them. “Yes I want to hear from you” and “I want to do more business with you” are fabulous statements. Signing up to receive email from your company is saying just that.

Email Marketing Tip #2
Start collecting email addresses today. You’ve probably seen graphs or numbers on what your savings account would look like if you started saving at age 16 (makes you want to slap yourself), the same is with building an email list. Simple accumulation of just 15 email addresses a month for the past 3 years would have you at over 500 addresses on your list. Any business can do this and a few simple list building strategies can get you to 5 or 10 times this number.

Email Marketing Tip #3
Any company, organization or service can put out valuable e-letters. Not just value in the form of a major discount on price, but value in product or service education, use tips and more. Take the time to make a list of possible content ideas and make two columns. One for money saving discounts or special offers and another for value added information or education. In many cases a great email campaign will include one of each of those in each send.

If my tips for why you should start email marketing today have somehow left you unconvinced, take a few more minutes and read from others:

Feel free to share your email marketing “ah-ha” moment, additional tips or success stories with us.

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