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May 16, 2008

Five Business Blog Tips Video For SEO

Rand over at SEOMoz put out his Whiteboard Friday video this week on Business Blogging and offered up 5 tips if you are considering blogging for business, especially to help your SEO efforts. Rand’s weekly videos offer great SEO tutorials and education and I was excited when I saw it ventured into blogging and SEO this week.

Here is the video:

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday-Blogging for Higher Rankings from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo.

In summary, here are the five tips Rand pointed out.

1. Utilize your blog as a directory structure (example: ) instead of a subdomain ( as it is better for your link juice and link building.

2. Keep your top level links. Keep your main navigation in place on your blog to help pass link juice to your main sections and also give users easy access to them. This is a good reason to use a custom designed blog template instead of a free one.

3. Sell subtly and only when relevant. I have covered this before, but don’t use your blog and posts to scream “buy my product now!”.

4. Spread out your good content. Rand suggests having additional valuable content in your regular site structure, not just in blog posts. The idea here is to also create website content like an articles section, FAQ section, tutorial section or video library. This is something I need to do a better job of and I have an idea now too.

5. Linkbait and use of keywords. If you’re going to write a post with the intent of drawing link attention, then make sure you have your keywords covered in the post and also link (when relevant) to the applicable sections of your website. Share the link love with your website.

These are great tips and advice for any business blogger or those considering it. These are gaged to helping with SEO from your blog and there are further benefits to blogging besides SEO too. Maybe it’s time for you to start blogging?

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