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Jul 1, 2008

Five Email Marketing Ideas for A Small Business Retailer

email marketing e-letterEmail marketing is such a powerful and affordable tool, but I’m still surprised at how many small businesses fail to utilize it.  Many businesses I talk to just seem to be overwhelmed with content ideas for what they can do with an email marketing program.  With our email marketing services, we not only give a business a custom email design, an easy to use creation and management tool … we develop ideas.

This first installment of email marketing ideas is aimed at a small retail business that might be selling books, clothes, home decor, antiques, specialty items and so forth.  In the future I will be releasing other ideas for different types of businesses.

Idea #1 – Build a bigger list of emails!  Try give-aways, coupons or other rewards for joining your e-club or list.  Permission based email marketing is all about getting that email address, so test different rewards that help you gather email addresses and build your list.

Idea #2 –  Partner with a local band/music group that has a CD out or an upcoming show.  Promote them in your e-letter or e-offer and give away their CD or tickets to an upcoming show with a purchase.  You will need to find a group in line with your audience/target but it spices up your offer and they’ll love the intro to your audience.

Idea #3 – Find a community group or non-profit to partner with.  Donating a percentage of that month’s or a certain day’s sales to a local group is not only goodwill but good business.  They in turn will promote you and you give customers added incentive to buy with you.

Idea #4 – Use your e-letter to promote an “Our Treat” offer.  Let the coffee shop, bakery or ice cream shop next door or down the block give you coupons for a free coffee, pastrie or ice cream cone that you can place in every bag at purchase.  The partner business loves that you promote them and your customers love a free treat.

Idea #5 –  Set-up a “Power Hour”.  Advertise a specific hour that has super savings, a raffle or another promotion that can’t be ignored.  Promotions that have time frames add that additional motivation to shop and buy.  The best part is that only your email list customers find out about this special hour.

Well, there you have five email marketing ideas for a small retail business.  Maybe give one a try or mix a few together to see what it can do for you.  Feel free to share any additional ideas you may have or have tried.

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