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Aug 28, 2008

Five Product Page Or Service Page Web Design Tips

For many a small business website, it all boils down to your specific products or services and how well you show the user your features and benefits. I push clients to find as many ways possible to educate, inform, build trust and ultimately answer questions on their product or service. A good web design needs to properly display, engage and move the user to the desired goal of contact, form completion or purchase to be a success.

Product / Service Page Web Design Tips:

  • Research. Look at competing service or product pages and find out how you can better their offering. More pictures, more details, a tips section, links to additional blog posts or reviews. It all adds up.
  • Information in multiple types. Make use of photos, video, HTML text, graphics, supporting PDF downloads or whatever else you have. A good balance of visuals and text goes a long way and is truly expected.
  • Details, details, details. Do your best to get specific in the right ways. If it’s a product there are plenty of “specs” you can convey. If you are a service, there is often a range of capabilities or benefits to list out. You are likely being compared to another product or service and your value of details will help you win that comparison.
  • Good layout and organization. The user has little patience. Organize your page correctly to make it all easy to digest. Well defined content areas, short paragraphs, bullet points, use of icons, spacing and other visuals all enable this “scanable read”.
  • Call to action. Make sure the desired next step (your end goal) is easily available and clear. This may be a button to buy online, a button or link to fill out a request or inquiry form online or schedule a meeting/appointment. Don’t make your user guess what next step to take after you win them over, show them the way.

Product Page Web Design Layout Example
Below is a screenshot from a high end ranch real estate website. Even in this small graphic example you can see the use of spacing, structure, HTML content, photos in a gallery and a video to give this product (real estate) page value. This page also includes an integrated Google map, PDF brochure download and more.

web design product page tips

Make sure you apply these 5 tips to your website pages on your products or services and start creating more business opportunities with your website.

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