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Jun 16, 2014

How Much Content? Wrong Question.

Carlos Hidalgo, column writer for, a website for all things inbound Internet marketing, describes the problems content marketers have when writing content for their marketing strategies. Many times, marketers often think to themselves, “How much do I need to “fuel” my marketing automation system?” However, Hidalgo believes the question in and of itself may be the wrong thing to ask.

In 2014, ITSMA released a study showing that the single largest B2Bbudget item was developing content. Around 15% of B2B budgets are going toward the creation of content. A 2013 B2B Content marketing Survey by Content Marketing Institutes states that 64% of marketers are challenged with producing enough content.

Why is that?

In other studies, you get a better understanding of what is actually happening with all of this content creation. A CMI study shows that less than 45% of companies have a defined content marketing strategy and only 42% of marketers believe they are effective at content marketing… Something is wrong here.

If one of the reasons that marketers are creating content to fuel their marketing automation system, then their approach, as mentioned above, is failing. Perhaps a better question to ask would be “how much content do I need to create a dialogue with my buyer throughout their buying process and how can I implement it with my marketing automation solution?” This is a different approach which could lead to much different questions and answers.

It’s not about how much fuel you need to put into your content marketing strategy, but rather what is the right type of fuel that will enable marketing automation to run to its highest potential.

keyboardMarketers must make the buyer the focal point of everything — understanding their needs, challenges, goals, buying process, content consumption, etc. This is where we will see an increase in the value of the content that’s being created.

Marketers should stop thinking about the quantity of their content and understand the quality of it. Buyer engagement is far more important. How much content is really the wrong question.

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Read the full article by Carlos Hidalgo.

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