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Aug 6, 2014

How SEO & Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business

Trond Lyngbo, column writer for, a website on all things SEO and Marketing related, writes how much SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing can enhance your business and web presence.

It’s pretty much obvious that SEO can help your business by bringing in new clients, and encourage clients to stick with you. If you want to get quality leads from search engines like Google, be more visible to potential new consulting clients, SEO can be of help.

Lyngbo asks us the remember the key concept of SEO — People don’t always act on facts — only what they believe to be facts! In a search engine dominated universe, perception can be guided and molded through intelligent, strategic SEO. Being ranked at the top of Google for important keywords is like winning the gold medal. And it requires a hybrid of content marketing.

The “QTI” Framework

Lyngbo introduces an interesting framework of elements in which we should manage our SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media strategies.

1. Quality — To achieve a high ranking in search and high visibility in social media, it’s imperative that information about your company be of the highest quality.

2. Trust — This content, whether it’s a Facebook profile, guest blog post, or a personal blog, must bear all the marks of a trustworthy source.

3. Intelligence — This is about working smarter, not harder, and using available technology in the most effective way.

All three matter equally. How to put them together in a way that will transform your image and brand in the marketplace? When do you apply the QTI to your marketing strategy? How do you execute a QTI strategy?

1. Quality

According to Lyngbo, quality is the foundational notion of any marketing campaign or career. You must be doing excellent work and providing value to your clients or employer, or you have nothing to market. To perform quality work, you have to keep up with the industry, work very hard and achieve measurable results. This establishes your product — what you’re marketing to potential clients.

2. Establishing Trust & Authority

You must convince others that they can trust you. Who should you focus on convincing?

Lyngbo says that if your audience won’t take you closer to your goals, it is of no value to you. be a valued resource that they will treasure, respect and eventually do business with.

Here’s a few tips Lyngbo provides to establish trust.

  • Connect with your audience
  • Quality trumps quantity (page views along don’t matter, quality traffic does)
  • Be yourself, be authentic — and add value
  • Think like a brand, act as a person; the human touch is very important
  • Dive deep into your areas of expertise

3. Intelligence

The last element of the QTI framework involves working smarter to achieve more with the same time, effort or money.

You now must be able to accomplish intelligence with a reasonable time with a modest investment. How to do that? Lyngbo provides some tips how to.

  • Use the Right Bait. What’s the best bait? Whatever the fish wants! Give your readers what they want. Solve their problems. Meet their needs.
  • Be Smart About Creating Content. It’s important to prioritize your writing. It’s helpful to work with a schedule. Set aside limited time for research; when it’s over, start writing. It’s also important to keep your blog post/article focused. Decide what’s the important message of your post — and stick with it.

Your SEO success and content marketing will not be achieved overnight. Regularly work with both your SEO and content marketing to end up seeing great results.

At Five Technology, let us help with your SEO and content marketing strategy to enhance your web presence. Let’s chat to get started!

Read the full article by Trond Lyngbo.