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How to Create Content People Care About
Aug 5, 2021

How to Create Content People Care About

Creating a story, writing a blog, crafting a social media post, taking a picture, or developing a concept. Whatever digital content you are working on, it is easy to get caught up in the business side of things. It is completely understandable if you are preoccupied with the creativity, ROI, or business goals of the expertly crafted content you are developing. Or maybe your main focus is on the most effective way to promote your latest campaign or product. During this process it is easy for businesses and their digital marketers to lose sight of the most important question they are trying to answer: Why do people care? 

Making your audience care about your content promotes a stronger sense of brand loyalty and sets your company apart from the competition. In order to create content that matters to the audience while meeting your own business goals requires crafty solutions. 

Your content marketing strategy and implementation is vital for the success of your online presence, and ultimately the success of your company. With how cluttered everyone’s feeds are these days, it is difficult to stand out. So how do you make sure your content is seen and people will actually care about it? 

Know Your Audience:

It may seem like a simple step, but if you do not have an idea of what your audience is, how can you create good content for them? Why would they care about what your business is doing? By knowing your audience, you can create content based on what they want to read or see.

Create Captivating Titles:

Now that you know your audience, it is time to grab their attention. If your content requires a title or main caption, make it that piques interest. Use active, bold and clear words that draw people in. Don’t leave it as an option for them to read your content, make them feel they need to read it for their success.

Teach Your Audience Something:

It is no secret that knowledge based content does well on social media. Give your viewers useful tips and knowledge through infographics or lists. Having content that is aimed to teach and be useful also shows that your brand is knowledgeable and a trustworthy source.

Use Humor:

In the days where chatbots and pre-recorded messages run rampant, it is important that your audience feels there is a human on the other side of the content. A great way of doing so is by having a sense of humor throughout your content. Whether you are dropping in a little joke or you have a humorous writing style, getting your audience laughing is a great way to get people to remember your brand and get invested into your content.

Provide a Variety of Visuals:

Social media is driven by visuals, and your content should be too. If your content is getting text heavy, throw in some related images of animations to spruce it up a little bit and make the reader want to continue. 

Use Emotions:

When a visitor reads your content, what should they do? As a content marketer, your goal is to make them act, but in order to do that the reader must feel an emotion. Whether you make them feel happy, accomplished, focused or anything else, an emotional connection has a higher chance of driving action and creates a loyal customer base. 

Make Your Content Actionable:

Put a call to action at the bottom of whatever type of content you are providing. Without something that prompts your viewers to do something, what are they going to do with the new information you just provided them? They are going to keep on scrolling through their social feeds and your content will be forgotten. A call to action at the bottom of your content gives the reader an option to do something about the intriguing content they just devoured.

It takes many drafts and time to create a comprehensive content that people will actually care about. So take these suggestions into consideration when writing content for your business.

At Five Technology, we can assist your business with its internet marketing, especially content implementation needs in order to get people to read and care for your content. Let’s chat to get started!

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