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Jun 2, 2008

Internet Marketing Worth Reading From Minnesota

minnesota blogsI felt like I had come across some great posts and interesting articles with Minnesota roots the past few days and I thought I would pass them along to you. Maybe it’s because we finally had a weekend of 75 degree days with plenty of sunshine to get our great MN minds going.

+ The StarTrib had an interesting article about the private community of North Oaks asking to be removed, and actually being removed from Google Maps.   Gets me thinking of other things people or groups would like removed from the G

+ Lee Odden posted a great summary of 5 reasons that business and corporate blogs fail.  I felt like I was listening to myself talk when reading the post as the items are all things I point out and discuss with clients that bring up an interest in business blogging.

+  Caroline Melberg reposted a list of 13 predictions for Internet Marketing that I found 6.5 to be accurate and 6.5 I don’t think will happen.  Caroline also provides her takes on the predictions.

+  Chris Dohman of North Rock Publishing has a great interview on the new media and marketing success for the St Paul Saints.  The Saints are a Northern League professional baseball team.  The post is on their recent Booblefoot promotion (you’ll have to see it) and Chris interviews Sean Aronson of the Saints.  It’s a fun and informative post.

+  Lastly for some food for thought, here is the link to Punch Pizza and their local blog on pizza.   The owners are using the blog as a great way to interact with customers but also their use of Facebook and especially Flickr for marketing / PR is awesome.  Check out the photo contest. They get it, great work.

Home you enjoy these huge posts and bits from Minny, the land of 10,000 great Internet minds.