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Is Your Website Out of Date?
Jul 13, 2021

Is Your Website Out of Date?

Is your website out of date? If you haven’t had a redesign in the past 5 years, it probably is. However, don’t fret! Five Technology has the solution for you. We are looking to update our older websites by transferring them to our new and improved Content Management System (CMS). Our newer CMS, the HIVE, has all the same features of the old CMS that made your website successful and more! The transition creates an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-design your website to become more up to date and modern. Our team of web developers made sure to keep the following features when updating our CMS:

  • Basic content and text management
  • Contact forms, information & survey forms
  • Document management and downloads
  • Photo galleries and slideshows
  • Video and audio
  • Custom E-Commerce capabilities
  • Account management with usernames & passwords
  • Industry portals
  • Advanced search features and filters
  • Printable brochures and PDFs
  • RSS feeds and blog integration
  • 3rd party tools/services integration
New and improved features that Five’s development team added to the HIVE to help foster success are:
  • A user friendly interface, so our customers can take control of their website
  • Better search engine optimization tools, to help your website rank higher in web searches
  • Higher safety standards, to protect your website from security threats

After the CMS transfer of your site, Five Technology offers a training session on the HIVE so you can have control over your site! Five also has a knowledgeable team to answer any of your questions regarding website transfer and will work with you to come up with a design that works for you. For further questions contact our team and we will be more than happy to help you along your website journey.

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