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Feb 24, 2014

New Template Website Design – Obermeyer Condominium Association

We recently launched a template website design for Obermeyer Place Condominium Association, which is part of Snowmass Hospitality. This website is a great tool for the homeowners association of Obermeyer Place Condos.

We call this a template site, but in actuality it’s a duplicated custom website design. Snowmass Hospitality approached us a few years ago to design a minimalist website for a condominium association that would provide their homeowners with secure access to important documents and information.

They wanted to use this same design and layout for other condominium associations that they owned. This would maintain a high level of consistency between HOA websites, and also provide a comfortable admin situation since all of the websites would be built on the same platform.

The website was built on our content management system (CMS), which allows the admin of the website easy access to change content, add images, and upload meeting agendas and minutes to the secure locations on the site.

Over the years, we have implemented this template for a variety of different home owner association sites through Snowmass hospitality, but have changed the color scheme and logo to make it unique.

It provides easy to access links for the board and homeowner’s agendas and minutes from their meetings, newsletters, calendar of events and more.

Template Website Design - Obermeyer

The majority of the content found on this template website is only accessible to those members with login info. This website provides a secure place for board members and homeowner association members to access these important documents.

The website also includes related links to places/events in town that homeowners might be interested in.

This is a great addition to our web design portfolio. We look forward to working on many more projects with Snowmass Hospitality and their various homeowner associations.

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