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Dec 21, 2011

Providing a Communication Link for K12: The Delano School District Website

Schools have an overwhelming amount of academic and administrative information to provide parents and students.  Five Technology can help your school district put all of that information in one easy-to-access place.
Five Technology’s website for the Delano School District provides an easy, effective communication link between their parents, students, teachers, and administration. Your district can benefit from this same convenient communication link customized to your specific needs.
Easy to Navigate
Any information users need is easily found in one of the site’s clear categories.
  • Main Categories: From any page on the site, users can access the main categories of District, High School, Middle School, Elementary School, Activities, and Community Education instead of using the back button or needing to return to the home page and start over. For example, a parent can choose the main category High School to get to a specific teacher page and then go directly from the teacher’s page to information about a recent school board meeting under the main category District.
  • School and Classroom Pages: Each school and classroom has a page with its own specific announcements. Classroom pages allow students and parents to see assignments, course topics, schedules, grading scales, and more.
  • Teacher Profile Pages: Teachers’ pages provide a teacher’s contact information; links to each class they teach; and additional links such as parent information, class schedules, homework, and assignments.
Protected Information
Your district can customize pages for each school. Also, schools have control of all content. Parents must subscribe and students must log in to access information about individual class schedules and so forth. The site complies with FERPA regulations.
Convenient and Time-saving
The user-friendly organization of the website saves time for both parents and students who need information and the school staff who provides that information.
  • Facebook-like functionality: The website is easy to navigate because elements of it work like facebook, which most users are familiar with. Classroom and teacher pages are similar to facebook profile pages, and teachers can make posts on pages like a newsfeed. The bonus is that you avoid actually putting your information on facebook, and instead have your own website controlled by you.
  • Parent Subscribe: Parents can subscribe to have all posts from their child’s classes sent to their email address so they don’t have to search the sight each day to see if new information is posted.
  • Student Log-in: Each student has a log-in. When they click “My Classes” at the top of the page, they see a list of their classes so they don’t have to spend time searching for each class. Also, students can download worksheets and turn in homework for assignments posted to a classroom page.
Helpful Showcase for Your Community and Schools
People considering a move to your area can research the benefits of your community on a professional, well-organized site. Users see the highlights of your schools and can find enrollment information. Parents can see how your schools would suit their child.
Improved Communication and So Much More
This is just an overview of what Five Technology’s website can do for your school district. We will work with you to meet your district’s specific needs while providing a site that allows your teachers, parents, and students to communicate effectively and efficiently.
Screen Captures
Please don’t hesitate to navigate and see first hand how the Delano staff members are using these great online tools to communicate classroom activity.  Below are a few screen captures of important functions mentioned above.
Use the mega navigation to navigate to any page with one click:
Focus on Usability
A classroom page that is effectively being used to communicate with parents:
Sample Classroom Page
A sneak peek at the teacher administration process and sample categories:
Secure Teacher Admin

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