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Nov 15, 2012

Responsive Web Design for Vacation Rentals

The Inn at Lost Creek and Hotel Madeline, located in Telluride, Colorado, have been highly ranked vacation destinations for people seeking a relaxing escape to “The Rockies.” People from all over the world have traveled to Telluride, CO to experience the amazing skiing conditions, fantastic restaurants, and the welcoming western village.

These sister vacation rental companies were in need of a high quality web design make over. They approached Blue Tent Marketing, one of Five Technology’s partners, to heighten their overall web presence, enhance usability, and increase business revenue. Both of these mountain resorts were in need of a responsive website design so that customers could easily access and navigate their websites from any device.

Five Technology worked with Blue Tent Marketing to deliver this and even more. By designing, building, and integrating both websites into Five’s custom content management system (CMS), the Site Management Console (SMC). Five was able to provide professional designs for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewing that were visually compelling and easy to navigate to help attract revenue for each hotel.

Responsive websites are critical for businesses that have potential customers researching their industry via smartphone or tablet.”

By having a responsive web design a business is more apt to attract potential customers regardless of what device they are accessing its website from. Without a responsive web design a website might look great on a desktop view, but it could look very unorganized and be hard to navigate for users on a tablet view or from a smartphone.

Features of these vacation rental web designs:

  • Added online reservation booking ability.
  • Incredible displays of the village and resorts.
  • Simple to use content management system (CMS).
  • Implemented SEO techniques to increase search results.

Left: Mobile View. Right: Desktop View.

Inn at Lost Creek and Hotel Madeline have gained many advantages for their web presence by having a responsive website designed and implemented. A responsive design allowed them to only have one website to manage content from a single URL. Whereas, if they had not done a responsive website, and instead had done a mobile app or mobile website, they would have had to manage content on two separate sites (twice the content management equals twice the amount of work). They can now also be assured that no matter where potential customers are accessing their website from, their web design will look clean, organized, and it will be easy for all users to navigate.

If your business is looking to reach out to more potential customers on more devices, follow in these vacation rental companies’ footsteps and contact Five Technology today for your responsive web design.

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