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Apr 23, 2008

SEO Example: Debut On Page 8 For Minnesota Website Design

With search engine optimization being a process (not a trick) I thought I would post a series of updates over time on our own SEO process.

minnesota web design search

We have identified the search term “minnesota web design” as our most sought after keyword term.  With the newly re-branded Five Technology website up for just 2 months we are at least now on the radar on Google appearing on page 8 for this search.  It won’t be easy or quick, but we plan on moving up by doing the right things.

I will get more in-depth on some of these in the future, but here are the basics of SEO we have conducted so far.

1.  Identified our top search term and  designated the home page to compete for it.

2.  Designed our website search engine friendly with CSS and proper website structure.

3.  Created content to inform site visitors first and please the search engines second.
(We are still tweaking and evaluating  enhancing the content further … as always!)

4.  Completed on-page optimization of structure, meta data, images and anchor text.

5.  Started building links into our website/url with anchor text involving “minnesota web design”

Again, this is just a short glimpse but you get the gist it involves proper research, building, content creation, on-page optimization and link building.  That last one, link building, is the hardest yet most rewarding in both rankings and relevant traffic.  More to come on our SEO progress and all of these basic steps.