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Jun 10, 2008

SEO: Keeping Search Engine Optimization Simple

SEO simpleWe’re all aware of the KISS theory, keep it simple stupid.  So I was reminded the same should apply to SEO when reading a post by Eric Enge on Search Engine Land and the power of simplicity in explaining SEO to clients.

Search engine optimization can be complex with all of it’s facets and processes, but the true root can still be a simple one.  For me, the most simple sentence explaining SEO to non-search types was something I wrote for our May e-letter.  That one sentence summary of SEO was:

“Good search engine rankings are not an accident, they are the result of a well designed, properly coded website with quality content that other websites link to.”

When having my wife proof our e-letter (she is a grammar queen, I am a peasant), she said she finally understood the fuss about SEO.  After being married to me for 5 years and having more than a million conversations on my career, it was that one sentence that turned on the SEO light for her.  As usual, my wife taught me something.

So if you are a small business owner, struggling to wrap yourself around all of the different articles, blogs and rumors on SEO … try finding an professional that can explain it in one sentence and answer your questions so that you understand them.  They’ll be happy with a client that understands and values their expertise and work, and you’ll get why it is truly important. An yes, you can ask us too🙂

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