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Aug 13, 2014

Strategies for Facebook Marketing Success

As more and more companies begin to join social media sites to better connect with their customers, the noise level for individual users increases. Today, there are over 1 billion active users around the world. How are you going to make sure your brand stands out among the insanely large crowd? Your brand must be remarkable, interest, and add value. Here are some helpful strategies to optimize and take Facebook-specific functionality into account.


Everything you post on Facebook is content. How Facebook uses  that content is also very important. Consider every piece you post on opportunity for increased and specific engagement, and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Get creative with adding photos or video along with your posts. On average, posts with visual aids such as photos or videos get 39% more engagement.

Post Timing

Along with what you say, it’s important to know how to post it. Be sure you’re tracking what time of day your followers are most active. Focusing your engagements during these times will help to grow your community. Also, be sure to pay attention to various things such as sentence structure, phrasing, and types of posts that are particularly engaging to your audience and something they feel they can benefit from after reading. Many Facebook users check the site during lunch breaks and after dinner.


Brands have an increasing level of responsibility for user-generated content posted on their walls or in comments. You’ll want to proactively think through your stance on inappropriate content on your Facebook page, and your best practice would be to make this stance publicly available. This lets your community know what you will and will not allow and builds a sense of safety and sets expectations.

Facebook is an open and public space, so you can’t control what people say. It may be a good idea to pre-meditate an instance where there are negative and harassing comments on your posts. Although these comments are irritating, do not fight back. Rather, “be the bigger person” and respond politely.


Make sure your audience’s experience on Facebook about their experience and their connections rather than your CTR and conversion rates. Concentrate on them, and you’ll succeed. In turn, your audience will turn into a community that thrives and supports one another. By enabling engagement within the audience, you can also help increase the level of stickiness and affinity they will have to the brand, moving toward customer loyalty.


One of the most important parts of your brand is built on a sense of trust, and credibility being the foundation of that trust. When visitors land on your Facebook page, they want to feel as though your page is credible and legitimate. With all of your posts, make sure your grammar and spelling is correct, and also Fact-check any statistics you use in your content.

If your company is following these strategies, your Facebook will be a great asset to your social media marketing. Your Facebook marketing should be a major priority throughout your social media marketing since it is by far the most used and popular social media site.