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Jun 25, 2014

Ten Tips for Skyrocketing Your Facebook Engagement

Looking to spice up your posts and better engage with your audience? Grace Turner, column writer for The  60 Second Marketer, a marketing communications firm, provides ten easy steps to enhance the user experience on your Facebook page for improved social media marketing.

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Use Images and Videos that Engage Your Audience

Many readers are drawn to visually appealing messages. ‘Rich’ media such as photos and videos will grab the readers’ attention and aid your posts to stand out on their news feed.

Keep your posts short and to the point — perhaps somewhere between 100 – 250 characters. Posts of these lengths typically show more engagement, and they support rather than distract from the visuals.

Create a Conversation With Your Audience

Ask your customers to share their thoughts and insights on your products/services. Feedback is key! Listening to your customers will improve your business as well.

Take their feedback into consideration and implement it. This can build customer loyalty and show that you value their opinions.

Use Your Posts to Share Exclusive Promotions and Discounts

Offer special promotions or perks to your customers via social media posts. This will keep your customers interested and drive online sales.


Provide Access to Exclusive Information

Provide rewards for customers who are connected to your social media pages, and drive online sales by sharing exclusive information and deals with them.

Be Consistent and Timely

Your customers and audience will engage more with posts if the posts are related to current subjects (i.e. events or holidays).

Consistency and timeliness are very important when replying to comments on your posts. The faster the response, the more likely it is that customers will engage in the future.

Plan an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar can be used to stay in regular contact with customers and keep up with ideas about what to talk about each week/month.

Planning can be very helpful when it comes to your business. This type of calendar planning will not only help keep you consistent with your posts, but it will also ensure that the content you’re posting is well planned and interesting.

Target Your Posts

Facebook allows you to target your audience for each post. To do this, click on the target icon toward the bottom left corner of your page’s sharing tool and select Add Targeting. This allows you to target your post based on the audience you are trying to reach such as gender, interest, location, and language.

Incorporate Link Posts to Drive People to Your Website

Link posts are now larger and have a clickable area to help people drive to your website. When you post a status or update, be sure to include a link that drives back to your website, a consistent reminder for customers to check out your website.

Review Your Posts’ Performance

Performing a social media audit and regularly checking your Facebook page will help you to understand what in your posts is and isn’t working to engage with your audience and get feedback. These insights help you keep your posts relevant and engaging. This page will also help you to understand your customers and what type of content they are interested in.

If your business would like more assistance in enhancing your social media presence, let’s chat! We can help your business with all its social media and Internet marketing needs.

Read the full article by The 60 Second Marketer.

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