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Jul 22, 2014

Using Google+ for Marketing

Neil Patel, co-founder and writer for, discusses the benefits of businesses utilizing Google+ for their social media marketing. Google+ is a platform not to be ignored. If your business wants to be seen and heard, Patel highly suggests to create a profile for your business. With over 150 million active users, using Google+ can definitely help impact your search engine rankings in a good way, simply because its run by Google. Patel offers some simple ways you can leverage your Google+ page such as:

  1. Authorship: This is a great way to get your picture next to your listings in the search results
  2. Relationship Marketing: With Google hangouts, you’re able to connect and get to know your fans.
  3. Driving Traffic: By building up your Google+ profile, you can share content and news about your business. This is a simple way to drive more traffic to your business.

Why Use Google+?

Simply put: If you want your business to be higher in the search engine rankings, Google+ is a great social media platform to utilize because Google owns it. As stated earlier, with over 150 million active users and 50% of Google+ users active daily, Google+ is a great way to reach out to people. Google+ is the next big thing for social media. Google+ has an annual growth rate of around 33%. It’s a bad decision not to use this social media platform as it continues to grow exponentially!

What Can Google+ Do for You?

It’s simple and easy to create a Google+ account for your business. Your Google+ page allows customers to find you on all Google platforms (e.g. Maps, Google+ or just a basic search). With your Google accounts, make sure all of your business’s information is accurate so customers are able to easy find your phone number or address.

How to Boost your Business on Google+

With Google+, it’s smart to include keywords on your ‘About’ page. It’s a great way SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactic that can help enhance your profile and business through Google. Also, you can use Google+ events to keep your followers updated with your company’s latest events.

Furthermore, Google+ is best for SEO since Google owns 65-70% of search engine market shares. Each day, there are about 3.6 billion internet searches. In 2013, there were over 2.1 trillion Google searches. To prove its point, Google+ is especially vital for your business in order to be seen and heard. Whether you like or dislike Google+, you really don’t have a choice but to leverage it. Why? Because Google owns it!

As put by Patel, “As the most popular site in the world, Google can really help boost your revenue. Having the top rankings can mean the difference between being in business and being out of business”. Because Google owns this social media platform, you’re better off utilizing it simply for the fact that it can impact how well your site does in the organic listings.

At Five Technology, we can help your business with its social media marketing, especially Google+ marketing to help make your company stand out in search engines. Let’s chat to get started!

Read the full article by Neil Patel.

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