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Feb 5, 2009

Web Analytics: The Business of Numbers is Business


I came across a blog post recently that stated web analytics should be called business analytics (sorry I forgot where!) and I couldn’t agree more. Yes, the tool is producing statistical information from your website, but it truly is providing stats, behaviors, strengths and weaknesses of your business.

I’m still amazed at the number of conversations where a business is asking for help in improving search engine rankings, but has no idea if they even have an analytic tool on their site measuring their current efforts. Wow. Businesses that have had a website for 10 years, but not one number to provide any measure of success or failure.

I can write on and on about how silly it is to IGNORE the valuable data a website statistic tool can put out, but let’s just look at these features and benefits if you’re on the path to correcting this for your website and business.

Analytics – Reasons & Tips to Start Now

1. There are many tools out there. Your web host likely has a basic one, Google Analytics is free and their are many forms of paid services and tools out there to get you started. Here is a big list of them.

2. Go past just the number of visitors and stop talking “hits”. Most tools have over 100 filters to begin with, but make sure you take a look at where you traffic is coming from, keywords used to reach you by search engines, the pages your users visit most, the pages users leave most and trends in click paths (what path users take moving on your site.)

3. Have more than one person tasked with viewing or reporting on your web statistics. Get it out in the open for questions and discussions with your staff. If you have a web provider, engage them in meetings on it.

4. You can advance quickly. Most analytic tools have so many features it’s unreal. Tracking just about everything you can imagine. With one of the tools we use, we can even track theĀ  companies visiting and revisiting the website because I have tagged their IP addresses. (No , you can’t see what person, whew!)

5. You can track process. As I stated in mentioning click paths, you can see the most used routes and where users are getting lost. While this is VERY important with e-commerce sites, it also works for service oriented websites. You can build a funnel/path and track it so you can improve it.

So here is your plain English takeaway: Business Analytics are a voice, start listening to them. You obviously don’t ignore your financial data, sales data or employees performance, so don’t shut out your analytics! Listen to them, they’ll tell you great things to help your business succeed.

+ If you need help, of course we’re here for you.

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