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Jun 15, 2009

Web Design Recap: Rosen Properties Gets A New Home

Today’s real estate market has a lot of sellers asking real estate professionals “can you sell my home fast?”.  Rosen Properties is a Minnesota real estate service that provides home buying, selling and renting services in the Twin Cities area.

An Improved Website Across The Board
Rosen Properties had been using a real estate website solution for some time that lacked in many areas.  While it did provide Rosen a presence online it didn’t have enough value to bring in new customers.  Five’s web design and Internet marketing skills went to work on:

  • Web redesign to improve consumer trust and 1st impression
  • Improve navigation and usability
  • Improve search engine optimization and ongoing SEO
  • Easy to update website powered by the SMC
  • Added a blog to improve SEO and communication
  • Stronger tools to market homes for sale, rent and rent to own
  • Web analytics and goal tracking


The end result is a well rounded web design and web platform that Rosen can continue to build upon.  In this market where people need foreclosure assistance, credit re-building, rent to own options and a faster way to sell a home, Rosen Properties brings a ton of options.

Make sure you check out the new website:

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