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Jan 13, 2014

Website Design Enhances Brand Building Efforts

This morning I stumbled upon a blog that really hit home for Five Technology and our initiatives as a company. Web Designer Depot recently posted a blog “Brand Building with Website Design” that discusses the role of web design in building or enhancing a brand.

Here at Five Technology we focus on website design and website development, but our overall goal as a company is to help businesses succeed online. While website development and Internet marketing is used to achieve this, all online success starts with a good website design.


This blog discusses the need for not just a website designer, but a company that will take the time to research their clients industry, implement a creative website design and make sure the new website is user friendly.

This is becoming more and more important especially with responsive web design. Your website designer needs to take into account user friendliness on all platforms and make sure that you are keeping up with the competition.

It also highlights the importance of design thinking, which holds everyone responsible for design input. Anyone can be a designer, or at least have quality input in the design phase of the project.

Speaking from experience, we’ve found that a lot of clients have great input on how their customers are going to use their website. This helps a lot in designing a user friendly website.

A great design is the basis of any successful brand. Partner with a website design firm that you can trust to not only design a quality website, but create a website design that enhances your brand and ultimately leads to your online success.

Read the entire blog by Website Design Depot:  Brand Building with Website Design.

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