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What happened to the Internet!?
Nov 7, 2017

What happened to the Internet!?

On Monday, Nov. 6th did the Internet disappear for you?  In our Colorado office we noticed extreme latency to access sites we host.  We thought it had something to do with a particular hosting facility but our Minnesota office wasn't experiencing any issues which ruled that out.  Clients in MN were experiencing  and reporting similar issues.  The initial oddity was that it appeared to be limited to our sites hosted in both Dallas and Chicago facilities.  With further testing we discovered that it was affecting many random sites across the Internet.  When checking support tickets on Xfinity's website they were being submitted like a slot machine that just paid out.   It became obvious that the issue was with connectivity.   Ironically it was close to noon and since it appeared the Internet took a break for lunch we followed suit.  Around the same time the lunch hour ended the Internet returned.  So what or who turned off the Internet...?

By the end of the day WIRED had reported the answer:

A misconfiguration at Level 3, an internet backbone company—and enterprise ISP—that underpins other big networks. Network analysts say that the misconfiguration was a routing issue that created a ripple effect, causing problems for companies like Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon, Cox, and RCN across the country.

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