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Jul 30, 2014

What is an Inbound Link?

Lindsay Kolowich, writer for HubSpot, shares of what exactly an inbound link is. One way to grow your traffic online is to get more links. However, there are different types of links you can use to drive this traffic.

There are three different categories of links: internal, outbound, and inbound. Although all three are important, Kolowich believes that inbound links have the highest importance. So, what exactly are inbound links? How are they different from the other two? Kolowich clearly lays out a good definition so we are able to fully understand the differences between the links and why they are important for our Internet marketing.

What’s an Inbound Link?

According to Kolowich, “An inbound link is a link coming from another site to your own website. ‘Inbound’ is generally used by the person receiving the link”. For example, you may write an article using someone else’s blog or article. You would link that article in your own post back to them.

Outbound links are links from your website to another website.

Internal links are links on a certain website or blog post that links to another page on that same website.

Why Do I Need Inbound Links?

Kolowich describes why inbound links are important for your online traffic with two reasons:

Reason #1: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

According to Kolowich, websites that receive many inbound links can be more likely to rank better in search engines and organic SEO. Basically, inbound links tell site crawlers that your website is an authority on a certain subject. So, the more inbound links you have from high quality, high authority sites, the better your website can rank in search engine results pages.

However, not all search engines treat all inbound links the same and inbound links isn’t the only factor they consider.

Reason #2: Referral Traffic

Kolowich says that if someone posts an inbound link on their website or blog, people who see that link might click on it, and you’ll benefit from that referral traffic.

According to Kolowich, the volume of traffic you get from a referral traffic depends, of course, on how much traffic that blog or website receives in the first place.

What Does a Good Inbound Link Look Like?

A good inbound link:

1. Comes from a reliable and authoritative website.

2. Uses proper anchor text.

What’s the deal with this anchor text stuff? According to Kolowich, anchor text is the text copy that is hyperlinked.

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Read the full article by Lindsay Kolowich.

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