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Jul 5, 2011

What is Online Marketing?

Within the last year or two if you said you were an online marketing company, your elevator pitch was pretty straight forward.  It all starts with a great web design, maybe a usability audit, some search engine optimization (SEO), and throw in a little email marketing and you’re on your way to online success.   Those are all still very important and a cornerstone in any solution provided by an online marketing company, but the game is constantly evolving and there is no better example of that than what we are seeing today.

Changes in technology are changing the way an online marketing firm can impact your business.  The advent of new devices (mobile, iPad, etc.) have changed when and where customers are getting online. The lightning fast adoption of social media (Facebook, Twitter) is changing what people are doing online.  New standards such as HTML5 and their objective to make the web experience more “desktop-like” are changing how customers are engaging online.

It’s our job to pull together all these new variables and put together a plan that best suites your business.  Whether it be reaching more potential customers who need your product or service (i.e. Marketing), or finding ways to make business processes such as customer communication more efficient, your online strategy has never been more critical.

I’m not sure Online Marketing is the best choice of words to describe what it is we do today, but it’s what we have. Maybe we are online strategists?  That has a bit of a ring to it… how can we help you with your online strategy and then take it a step further and help you implement that strategy?

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