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Jun 5, 2014

Why Your Audience is Your Company’s Biggest Asset

When you think of the most vital asset for your company, what is it? Hopefully you would say your audience because it is your customers that ultimately determine the success of your company.

Jayson DeMers, writer for, a daily blogging website for all things online marketing, wrote the article, “Why Your Audience Is Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset: Develop It”. In the column, DeMers discusses the importance of developing your audience so that it is an asset rather than an expense.


DeMers reminds us that your online presence is actually one of the most important assets that you have as a brand. DeMers defines your “audience” as anyone interested in what your company has to offer, but particularly those who have already opted-in to learning more about your products/services by following your social media, email lists, and even doing basic website searches for your brand name.

It’s important to spend a significant amount of time, effort, and resources to reach to your audiences and satisfy their interest in your company. Your dedication to your audience is vital; the results you receive from your efforts should be remarkable. We’ll explore what audience development is, as well as how and why you should do it.

Your Audience Isn’t A Sunk Cost

Many business owners believe their website and digital presence is an advertising expense — just another cost of doing business, without much active benefit. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for example, is a discipline for online marketing that requires years, in most cases, to actually start yielding positive ROI. However, online marketing should be seen as an investment in the overall presence and brand of your business, both online and off. A company’s website is often the first place a customer has with your brand, and first impressions are key.

DeMers suggests that your company upkeeps with future emails, social media interactions, blogging, and search visits both organic and paid are the most essential part of nurturing initial trust with your brand. Don’t forget the importance of these first online impressions potential customers have with your brand.

Building Your Audience

DeMers suggests some useful strategies to build your audience:

  1. Foster a Sense of Community on Social Media. People need to trust and connect with you before making a purchase, and the best way to do this is through social media. You’re able to promote your products/services as well as establish relationships with potential customers.
  2. Offer Something of True Value as an Opt-In Incentive. Don’t try to force people to sign up for your company’s newsletters or email updates. Your opt-in incentives are very important — try to consider what you can offer to your customers that they can’t receive from any other company.
  3. Become a Trusted Source of Information via Your Blog. Regularly provide content that’s unique and tailored to your specific audience…If it doesn’t meet the needs of your customers, it’s likely to fail.

DeMers reminds us that your company’s current customers are your biggest asset. It’s very important to develop a good relationship with your current customers while investing in marketing strategies to grow your audience. It’s a delicate balance, but worth all the effort. If you’re wanting to enhance your online presence to build your audience, let’s talk!

Read the full article by Jayson DeMers.

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