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Feb 12, 2010

You Need An SEO Friendly CMS For Your Website

What good is the ability to manage content on your website, if that controls limits your search engine optimization success? Not much.

Denver based SEO firm seOverflow recently posted their presentation slides on 7 Characteristics of an SEO Friendly CMS and I’ve embedded it below.

7 Characteristics of an SEO Friendly CMS


View more presentations from seOverflow.

Lets look at each of the 7 SEO items and how they factor into our CMS, the Site Management Console.

1. Customizable title & meta tags – YES
Each page in the SMC has a “properties” option to edit your meta title tag, meta keywords and meta description.

2. Custom, keyword rich, SEO friendly URLs – YES
Each page gives you the ability to create it’s file path.

3. Only one URL exists for each page – YES
The CMS will only let you have one unique file and URL structure.  No dynamic URLS, no canonical issues.

4. 301 Redirect Functionality – YES
Our CMS allows for 301 redirects and other redirects as needed.

5. Ability to add ALT tag to images – YES
In both our general content editor and custom templates, we allow for the ALT attribute for images.

6. Ability to create HTML & XML sitemaps – YES
Our CMS auto-generates  the HTML sitemap upon a full release and while we set-up XML sitemaps for our clients, they have access in our file manager to change this at anytime.

7. Ability to create keyword rich internal links – YES
Absolutely. From our initial design concepts, we are looking to help clients leverage internal linking and the CMS allows for multiple ways to easily control your links and their anchor text.

So overall, I think we get an A+ on this simple SEO checklist for our content management system. We offer these SEO benefits above and also have some more enhanced SEO features for larger sites or e-commerce websites.

With the vast array of functionality our CMS offers, you can see why businesses are often blown away by our web platform. Reliable, stable, flexible, scalable, easy to use and yes … very SEO friendly.

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