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Aug 10, 2009

You Want A Higher Search Ranking, But Is Your Website Worth Being Found?

It’s no secret that businesses have a lot of questions and misconceptions on how to have  higher search engine rankings for their website.  Search engine optimization for many is confusing and often even overwhelming.


With all of the complexity in SEO, we offer this simple question to help clients get a better grasp.

Is Your Website Worth Being Found?

Does your website answer questions?  Does your website provide service or process examples?  Does your content educate or provide insight? Does your website offer tips? Is your content well structured and linked?

The fact that you want more leads, does not make your website a good resource for others.  Rankings are not determined on how badly you want visitors and new business opportunities.

View search rankings as an evaluation of your website as a resource, a trusted resource.  If your website isn’t a resource for people searching Google, Yahoo or Bing for answers or information, then you won’t rank well.

3 Tips To Become A Resource Online & Improve Search Rankings

1. Be clear with your content on what you offer.  Stay away from marketing speak and deliver the concise message of what you offer/do.  Simple beats sexy … “We are a trusted Minneapolis air conditioning service and repair company.”

2. Develop better content ideas than “About Us”, “Products” and “Services”.  If you have a process, outline it.  If you have satisfied clients and experience, put together case studies.  Build a list of “10 things to know before selecting your car insurance provider”.  The more you help a website visitor, the more trust you create.

3. Web content that is easy to understand and valuable attracts links from other websites.  Links act as votes of trust for your website.  Getting back to #2, do you think your “About Us” page is worth linking to?

So the next time you head to Google to find an article on SEO tips, consider changing your approach.  Give some thought to how valuable of a resource your website is and what you can do to improve it.

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