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Sep 17, 2008

Five Launches A Minnesota Web Design Resource With

It’s no secret the passion we have for web design . It’s written right on our business cards and is obvious to our clients and prospects. We also get a lot of inspiration from the great CSS Gallery websites out there and we love it when our work is featured in them. All of this led us to create a website specifically for the awesome web design community in Minnesota , it’s called Websota . We’ll be featuring great web ...

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Sep 11, 2008

Email Marketing Case Study On Our Web Design E-letters

Want to see what someone else gets for open rates and click thru’s on their email marketing? OK, I’ll share with you what we’ve experienced this summer with our small start to email marketing for our web design and Internet marketing services. Five Technology’s Email Marketing Facts: With Five Technology as a new brand/company to start 2008 we inherited a small list from our parent company Intrcomm. Our first e-letter ...

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Sep 2, 2008

Clean & Simple Web Designs, Dashboards & The New Google Browser Chrome

Yeah, a lot going on in the title here, but I promise it’s all related and of value. Clean & Simple Web Design Stuart Atkinson of Bulletproof Box, a blog offering web design techniques, recently highlighted the Five Technology website as one of his 7 Fantastically Simple Web Designs. If you’ve peaked around our portfolio and read a few of our posts on web design then it’s no secret we’re fans of clean, simple and usable ...

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Aug 28, 2008

Five Product Page Or Service Page Web Design Tips

For many a small business website, it all boils down to your specific products or services and how well you show the user your features and benefits. I push clients to find as many ways possible to educate, inform, build trust and ultimately answer questions on their product or service. A good web design needs to properly display, engage and move the user to the desired goal of contact, form completion or purchase to be a success. Product / Service ...

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Aug 25, 2008

Mobile Web Design, Mobile Marketing & Nabbit’s Mobile Tagging Service

Feeling mobile? You need to be. The mobile web is continuing to grow, fueled by iPhones, Treos and Blackberrys in the hands of users that need the Internet in the palm of their hand. I’m sure you need no convincing that with over 3 Billion cell/mobile phones in the world, we are only moving forward with what we access on them and how. Here is just a glimpse on the mobile web design and marketing front. I’m sure I’ll be diving further ...

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Aug 21, 2008

Website Redesign: When & Why

While there is no specific rule of thumb in web design for when you should redesign your website, there are many factors that signal it is time to revamp things. I addressed this topic in our August e-letter and decided to post it to our blog as well. Are you in need of a website redesign ? Here are some points that might be telling you it’s time. + Time If you want to consider timeframe as one rule, an industry average is every ...

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Aug 17, 2008

Our Web Design Skills Rev Up For A Breast Cancer Awareness Event

We recently launched our 2nd donated non-profit website ( see the 1st ) for 2008, this time for the Lynnda Laubach Breast Cancer Awareness Ride .  This growing event offers a day of fun while raising money for the Cancer Center at Regions Hospital .  The main event is the 100 mile motorcycle ride and the evening ends with two LIVE bands and a pizza dinner in Rogers, MN. The 4th annual event is on September 20th and you can see all of the ...

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Aug 12, 2008

Web Design Projects: A Sneak Peek In August

The past few months Five has been very fortunate to land some great new web design projects . The initial creative and design process is always full of fun, energy and challenges. Below is just a sampling from four of our current web projects in the works. These designs are being integrated into our SMC content management system. Stay tuned for future posts on how they turned out and the specific web design, development and marketing aspects they ...

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Aug 6, 2008

Learning By Example: Great Posts On Twitter & E-commerce

If you’re like me you learn far more by getting your hands on a real life example. It’s one thing to read how Twitter can help you or that e-commerce success could be yours; it’s another to get the details of a true experience. Here are two posts I came across recently that through sharing their own experience or interviewing bring great insight into success online. + A “Non Big Brand” Twitter Case Study from ...

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Aug 4, 2008

McWebsites: Not Where You Should Order A Website

I get the question in many meetings to compare why thousands of dollars spent with Five Technology is better than using one of the template web design options or a packaged web solution.  Of course you get what you pay for, but here is a little question I fire back.  Would you go through a drive-thru to order a website from McWebsite’s? Yes I get a laugh, but then I also break down what I’m talking about. Guidance, ...

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