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Mar 25, 2008

Increase Your Business With Web Development Enhancements

Many of the small business owners and managers I talk with in the past few months are looking to apply more focus to their website and how they can better serve customers online. Most have had a website for at least a few years, some have had success with it as a lead generation tool and others admit they just created something to get it “out there” and have given it little attention. The theme with almost all of them is that with the economy ...

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Mar 24, 2008

Our Logo Design Process Was Great, Your Logo Process Should Be Too

Two months ago when the name Five Technology was agreed upon we then had to give birth to a logo. I enlisted the help of Sarah Lavin, a freelance designer who I was referred to by our first client, Eventive Meetings . I was able to get a glimpse of Sarah’s skills and process from Eventive and knew she was a good fit for bringing our logo to life. Planning & Discovery Since I’m a creative guy myself I put together some samples of ...

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Mar 3, 2008

Blog On, Get To Know Five Technology

I thought I would introduce myself, the company and what you can expect to find here on the five spot blog. What is Five Technology? Five Technology is a full service web design and Internet marketing firm located in Minnesota. Five was formed in February 2008 as an extension to Intrcomm Technology’s web services. Intrcomm has been servicing websites and small business networks for 12 years, but created Five to further expand on the ...

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