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Jul 22, 2009

New Web Design Project For The Mental Health Association Of Minnesota

Five Technology is excited to announce the release of the new website for the Mental Health Association of Minnesota (MHAM).  This non-profit was the state’s first mental health advocacy and education organization founded in 1939. MHAM works to meet the needs of the mental health community, respond to those needs, and work to make positive changes in the lives of individuals and in public policy.  The organization had utilized a web presence for the ...

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Jul 12, 2009

Logo Design Project Goes Clean & Green

While our main focus at Five Technology is usually web related, we won’t turn away the opportunity for great creative work in other forms when asked.  Easiway Systems of Minnesota wanted us to design their new logo as they sought to align their brand with their trusted reputation, outstanding product line and then launch a new e-commerce website. Over the last 20 years, EasiWay has grown to be a leader in the screen printing industry, making the ...

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Jul 6, 2009

Five Delivers A New Web Design For A Minnesota Trucking Company

Five is pleased to announce the release of GW Transportation’s new web design .  GW Transportation is a national logistics and trucking company located here in Minnesota.  GW provides a complete logistics and freight service including truckload freight (TL) , less than truckload freight (LTL) and specialty trucking. GW Transportation sought out Five’s web design services to upgrade their website’s design, content and ...

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Jun 19, 2009

My ROI Of Twitter For Business

The value of Twitter is something that is widely debated as it continues to grow.  The extremes are those who can’t live without it and others that can’t fathom how it’s worth one second of their day.  In the middle are a lot of people trying it out, maybe for their small business, maybe just for fun. My Twitter use has a very high value to me and if fact it even has a number.  I’ve posted in the past on the benefits Twitter ...

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Jun 15, 2009

Web Design Recap: Rosen Properties Gets A New Home

Today’s real estate market has a lot of sellers asking real estate professionals “can you sell my home fast ?”.  Rosen Properties is a Minnesota real estate service that provides home buying, selling and renting services in the Twin Cities area. An Improved Website Across The Board Rosen Properties had been using a real estate website solution for some time that lacked in many areas.  While it did provide Rosen a presence ...

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Jun 8, 2009

E-commerce Web Design: 3 Tips To Get The Sale

There is no doubt that e-commerce websites have their own set of rules.  The fact there is one defined goal for the website, to make a sale, adds a stronger focus to the website. If you are considering launching an e-commerce website or about to redesign your website, keep these e-commerce web design tips handy. 1.  Keep It Simple You have a simple goal and that’s to sell.  Make sure your navigation is easy to use and make multiple paths ...

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Jun 2, 2009

Change Your Content Approach & Improve Your Website

While many companies and organizations rush to redesign their website to improve it’s performance, they overlook a simple change in approach that might make the biggest impact. A shift is taking place on the web for small business.  Websites and web content are moving to reality, far away from marketing hype.  If a company can change their approach and find ways to bring valuable content to users , then they can improve traffic and ultimately leads. ...

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May 18, 2009

Hunting Gets A Bit More Social With Our Latest Web Design Project

Five Technology is excited to announce the launch of TheHuntingAuthority.com web project.  This hunting community website combined a great web design interface with a ton of features. Bringing Social Interaction To The Duck Blind The guys behind The Hunting Authority came to us with the goal of being the best website an avid hunter and outdoors person could find.  Great design, great content, great features and most of all, a voice for the ...

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May 12, 2009

Big Omaha Conference Recap: Applying Some Theory

The Big Omaha conference on May 7th and 8th in Nebraska was a great 2 day collection of events and speakers in web, business and creative.  While many conferences in the web design world deal with “how-to” and strategy, I found Big Omaha to push theories and lines of thinking. The line-up of speakers featured some great Internet minds.  Kicking off Friday morning was Jason Fried of 37signals . Jason stressed getting away from ...

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May 6, 2009

The Golden Age Of Web Design

– Post written by Five Technology web programmer Brad Greenwald During the last decade, millions of websites were released year after year.  In a great trend for all involved, user experience became the dominant focus. Social media is now skyrocketing in nearly every sector for every audience. Websites are now being used on mobile phones and devices. Desktop applications are interacting with websites. Businesses are integrating a large amount of ...

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